Threaded Spool Tutorial by Lorelei Eurto


While Lorelei Eurto was on the Nunn Design Innovation Team, she did this great tutorial for Tammy over at Jewelry Making Daily. It is a project that all skill levels can create and unique enough that each pair can emerge differently. I find that this is key when selling jewelry. People like to feel like their jewelry is uniquely theirs. By changing out the linen cording or the color of the beads, you can create a great palette of color and many options to choose from.

Consumers want to feel that the piece that they are buying is uniquely theirs. Jewelry that can be easily altered, such as Lorelei’s Threaded Spool Earrings, will create the assumption of a limited edition.”

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1. Cut linen cording, wrap around small Channel Beads






2. String onto the headpin the beads and beadcaps


3. Form a wrapped loop using round nosed pliers


4. Open each Grande Rope Jumpring, and string onto the wrapped loop


5. Open earwire and slip onto the jump ring. Close gently using chain nose pliers.


Instructions For Threaded Spool Earrings

What you will need:
• 2 Copper Earwires (ewc)
• 2 Copper Grande Rope Circle Jumprings (jrgr)
• 2 Copper 2 inch Head pins (hpc)
• 2 Purple 6mm Glass rounds
• 2 Copper Channel Bead Small Spool beads (cbs)
• 2 Copper Bead Caps 9mm Coral (bc9c)
• 2 Copper Beadcaps 8mm Daisy (bc8d)
• 2 Aqua 8mm Glass rounds
• 12 inches Lavender 4-ply Waxed Linen cording

Tools Needed:
• Round Nose Pliers
• Scissors
• Chain Nose Pliers

To Assemble Threaded Spools:

Cut linen cording into 2 sections, each at 6 inches long. Leaving a tail about 1 inch long, wrap the cording around the spool several times, covering the inside of the spool. Tie two ends together into a double overhand knot.

To Assemble Earrings:

Using the 2 headpins, string 1 aqua glass round, 1 floral bead cap, 1 bead cap, 1 threaded spool, 1 purple glass round.

Form a wrapped loop using the round nose pliers. Tuck in the wire end, using chain nose pliers.

Open each Grande Rope Jumpring, and string on the wrapped loop. Close tightly using chain nose pliers.

Gently open earwire and slip onto the jump ring. Close gently using chain nose pliers.

See it in the gallery: Threaded Spool Earrings

To see more of Lorelei’s work, visit her:
ND Gallery:

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