Upcoming Class with Becky Nunn

I will be teaching a class October 8-11, 2013 at Art Camp For Woman outside of Winter Park Colorado.  I’d love for you to join me!  I am scheduled to only be teaching this one time this year, so please consider joining.

Here is the description of this class from Art Camp For Woman:

“Becky Nunn’s philosophy (and ours too!) is that creativity is within each of us.  We are all born with the natural ability to create, whether it is creating a flower arrangement from store purchased flowers to designing, planting and growing our own flower garden.  Creativity isn’t just for “the talented ones”.  Creativity is for anyone who wants to commit the time and let go of their own limiting beliefs. 

This is also true for jewelry making.  Becky will be teaching simple techniques that allow you to explore your own creative voice.  The class will be set-up to give you the opportunity to learn the basics and build confidence as you build upon your technique knowledge. 

You will be provided with a generous kit of jewelry findings from Nunn Design®.  Over the 2 days of the retreat, you will be learning mixed media jewelry making techniques through exploring and creating with Glass Domes, UV Resin, Transfer and Collage Sheets, Prong Settings, Rubber Stamping, Epoxy Clay, Colorizing and more.”

To learn more, please visit http://www.artcampforwomen.com/classes-instructors/becky-nunn-of-nunn-design/

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