The Making of the Nunn Design 2018 Master Collection Wholesale Catalogue

These past two weeks all of us at Team Nunn have been focusing on the reprint of our wholesale Master Catalogue. We like to design and print a new Master Catalogue about every 2 years.

If this sounds familiar, you can see the previous blog post from December 2015; The Making of a Catalogue. In that post we were creating the 2016 Master Catalogue that you more than likely already have!

The process for this new 72 page 2018 Master Catalogue is very much the same. Check it out below!

The Making of a Catalogue

Budgeting, Retiring Products, Cost Analysis, New Products

1. Printing Bid & Budget:
Heather begins the process of getting our Master Catalogue to various printers for a printing bid. With the bid she builds the budget and we begin planning for the catalogue expense as well as all mailings of the catalogue over a year in advance.

2. Retiring Products:
Heather and I watch the trends of production to get an idea of the products that are slowing down in sales. This process helps us determine which items we will be retiring. To see which items made this list, shop our Retiring/Sale Items. (Items we retire also become available in our non-stocking section, so if products retire that you really want, talk to Cheryl at

3. Cost Analysis:
Next, Heather runs all of our cost analysis to see if there will be any pricing increases coming our way. We hold off as long as we can, but then we hit that tipping point where we must increase prices in order to continue to offer the product. We do our best to keep it to a minimum!

4. Prototyping next Product Release:
While doing these tasks, Heather and I are also crunching the numbers and building out prototype samples for our 2018 Winter Collection. The new line will release on January 4th, 2018 and will be included in the Master Catalogue, so all those products need to be photographed and prepped for the upcoming catalogue.

Organizing Layout, Creating Beautiful Shots

5. Make a Big Mess!
I then make a big mess on my office floor! It is time to start figuring out the layout of the new catalogue. This is a big task that consists of:

  • Combining all three of the current catalogues into one.
  • Pulling out all of the items that are retiring.
  • Adding all of the items that will be added in the 2016 Winter Collection.

6. Melissa and Indesign:
After the information is organized, the rough layout is passed off to Melissa to start on. Melissa works with the layouts and starts the beginning process of seeing if everything will fit where I’ve intended.

7. Where to place Beauty Shots:
Once Melissa has a rough of the overall catalogue, I start to look at the actual flow of the catalogue. With 72 pages to work with, I need to know how many pages I have to “play” with. During this phase I get clear on how many beauty shots I will need for the new catalogue and get an idea of what shots will go where.

8. Jewelry Samples:
Next I organize all of my jewelry samples. I wanted this catalogue to focus on collections of pieces within various techniques, so by organizing all of the jewelry samples I can start to see if I need to make additional samples in order to communicate what I want.

9. Prep for Photoshoot!
Time to haul everything into the photo studio. I went through all of my props and organized and cleaned everything. I tend to like to keep the various props separated into like kind categories. All the glass, wire, wood, metal, backgrounds etc. go into different piles for me to design with.

10. Shoot the Pictures!
Each shot is set-up individually and photographed. I tend to set-up 10-12 still life shots at a time and then shoot all of them in a row.

Here is a taste of some of the shots that I put together.

12. Finalizing Layout, Send to Printers:
Now it is a matter of deciding which photos to incorporate into the catalogue, reworking and reworking the page layouts until we have it just right, proofing, proofing, and proofing again, putting the table of contents together and then sending it off to the printer.

We hope that you find it helpful!

What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “The Making of the Nunn Design 2018 Master Collection Wholesale Catalogue

  1. Andrea Bersson says:

    Every catalog is a work of art…this one is no exception. I love seeing how you put together the same components I’m working with – your experience enlightens mine – even tho the end is different. Thank you for all your hard work and being a GREAT and kind teacher.

  2. Gail says:

    I absolutely love your catalogs! I keep them all around my house so when I need a pick me up or inspiration I just grab a coffee and sit and enjoy the beauty ❤️

    • beckynunn says:

      That makes me so happy! Thank you! It is hard to know if all the time that goes into these sorts of things is really helpful to our customers. I know I love doing them, so I just keep moving forward.

    • beckynunn says:

      Thank you Jill. It is fun to share and to think about how these types of behind the scene glimpses could supporting our customers in their own process of building out their catalogues.

  3. Michelle Gray says:

    I LOVE your catalogs and always look forward to getting them in the mail. Not only do I LOVE your products, but how your display them is always creative and inspiring.

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