Nunn Design 2022 Latest Lookbook!

Be Inspired with the Newest Nunn Design Lookbook!

Our newest Lookbook features Gabrielle of Meadowgrass Designs, Hadas Kol of June & Simple, Reena of Kisii, Summer of Leo and Lynn Jewelry, and Ceci Leibovitz.

These makers have created successful brands using Nunn Design Findings. They have put in the time, done the work and show up day after day to create beauty. They also thrive at running small businesses, shipping orders and doing the not so fun and glamorous parts of running creative businesses.

Gabrielle of Meadowgrass Designs

Gabrielle of Meadowgrass Designs mission is to provide one-of-a-kind items, carefully and uniquely created, preserving the beauty of nature.

“What began as a way of providing safe, clean food for our family, turned into a passion for growing. Some of my favorite moments are those spent watering, picking flowers and vegetables, and walking through the greenhouse. Nature has always fascinated me, so preserving it forever in wearable pieces of art seemed like the perfect way to capture it.”

See more of Gabrielle’s work!

Hadas Kol of June & Simple

Hadas Kol is the owner and sole creator of June & Simple by Hadas Kol – A jewelry design studio in beautiful Davis, California.

“While transitioning from a career of many years as an interior architect in Tel Aviv, my long lived passion for art, design and architecture led me to creating handcrafted jewelry. 

Working with gold filled, gold plated brass, bronze and resin, I design my jewelry inspired by forms of nature and architecture. My collections show my love for simple shapes and natural elements such as gemstones and botanical features.

My Resin collection focuses on the natural crushed stones which when mixed with resin makes a stunning, elegant and modern take on the classic use of these gemstones.” – Hadas kol

See more of Hados Kol’s work!

Reena of Kisii

Reena is a teacher, writer and artist whose practice engages illustration, surface design and weaving. Her work examines themes of hope, resiliency and interconnectedness, often explored through symbols of nature. As a first generation Canadian whose family immigrated from India-Kenya, she experiments with a variety of mediums to subtly reflect her world view. (

“I’m lucky to have female elders in my family that taught me to appreciate art from a young age. I’ve been influenced mainly by Indian and African art but discovered similar craft traditions while traveling to Peru. Every culture has a history of women and craft that reflects our shared experience over time. I’ve always admired a beautiful embroidered, beaded peacock tapestry that my aunt made and loom weavings that my mom made using natural yarns and beads that are still displayed in my family home.

Craft was a big part of my childhood. When I was 7, I learned how to use a traditional 108 bead mala. I love traditional crafts and art has always been around me, in different forms. Life is fast-paced these days, and craft provides a way for me to slow down and focus on one thing at a time. Making something slowly with my hands feels like meditating.” – Reena

See more of Reena’s work!

Summer of Leo and Lynn Jewelry

“My love of handmade jewelry started as a child when I would make and sell friendship bracelets in my front yard (my grandfather bought most of them). This transitioned in my adult years to making jewelry for myself and my friends. I was often asked if I sold my jewelry and those questions helped to push my passion for my own business.” – Summer

See more of Summer’s work!

Ceci Leibovitz

Creating attractive custom necklaces to honor people, places, and relationships is the mission behind Ceci Leibovitz’s Jewelry. A mission that I think all of us can support!

“I was searching for quality American made jewelry findings a couple of years ago and was pleasantly surprised to find Nunn Design! What stood out to me right away is that each item evoked a good and nostalgic feeling in me – the passion behind the designs was so apparent to me; each had the look of being one of a kind, made especially for the wearer.

I find there is a timeless quality to Nunn Design jewelry findings which somehow possess a feel of traditional handcraft, yet simultaneously a fresh and modern look that does not compete with my materials or style. I was so happy from the start, with the excellent quality of the findings; they are sturdy and well made, the finishes are beautiful and it is obvious in the tiniest of details that no shortcuts are taken in production.” – Ceci

See more of Ceci’s work!

Thank you to all of our makers for inspiring and nurturing creativity! We are all on this journey together and each of our lives are essential!

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