You are Essential + Gratitude Gift!

At times of grief and loss, it is challenging to come up with just the right words to express sorrow to a loved one. Articulating how much you care can often feel clumsy or awkward.

This was my experience with my mother when I disclosed the challenges Nunn Design was facing during the initial days of the global pandemic in March, 2020.

When I described how sales had plummeted and the world was in total turmoil she proclaimed, “Companies like yours aren’t meant to last. People move on,” she said. “You need to move on too.”

I believe that my mother’s intention was to bring me comfort, to move me speedily through the grief process, and “on with life.” Being vulnerable or frail were seldom traits that she modeled for me.

In retrospect, the words that she shared were just what I needed to hear. I needed to make a choice to continue serving my customers in living creative lives. I needed to reaffirm Nunn Design’s mission of inspiring and nurturing creativity. I needed to empower others to build successful businesses so that together we can continue doing the creative work that I feel is essential to the world.

Art is essential.
Creativity is essential.
Makers are essential.

November Gratitude Gift

Starting today and continuing through the month of November we want to express our gratitude for your continued purchase of Nunn Design jewelry findings. We could not have navigated this year without your loyalty and support.

To show our gratitude we have collaborated with Brandi of Little Blue Bus Jewelry to create a limited-edition gratitude gift of three charms which we will include with a wholesale order of $100.00 dollars or more* – while they last. May this token of gratitude be a reminder that you are essential to us, your family, your community, and to the greater world.

We at Nunn Design chose to be a company that is built to last.
We choose to be essential.

Shop the full collection today and through the month of November to receive your gratitude gift of essential charms on all orders over $100.00.

* One set of limited-edition charms will be provided per customer and will not be sold or reproduced again.

Shop nunn design Wholesale

Shop Nunn Design Wholesale

Nunn Design has been supplying jewelry artists with findings for over 20 years. Shop wholesale jewelry findings for creative jewelry makers.

Shop Nunn Design!

How to Purchase Wholesale?

If you are interested in becoming one of the many designers who trust their jewelry to Nunn Design Findings, please join us by registering to become one of our wholesale customers!

Please visit our Where to Buy Page for a listing of online stores that sell Nunn Design Findings retail.

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2 thoughts on “You are Essential + Gratitude Gift!

  1. Rachelle Montoya says:

    Greetings Becky,
    I can’t quite explain, how completely taken I am, by these beautiful pieces that were included in my order. I feel seen. Thank you for going above and beyond, always!!!
    Love and Light,
    Rachelle Montoya

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