3 New Knotting Bracelet Tutorials

There are 3 new knotting bracelet tutorials posted on the Nunn Design Blog this week. Each of the projects are fast to create and designed for a beginner knotting student’s success!

Knotted bracelets using a 12 ply Crawford Linen Thread and Nunn Design Cast Pewter Beads are a perfect combination. The 12 ply allows for just the right knot size and the wide-holed Nunn Design Cast Pewter Beads are a perfect proportion for the knot.

1. Knotted Bracelet Tutorial #1-Knot Lost ID Bracelet

1st in our series of 3 tutorials about creating knotted bracelets. In this tutorial, we start in the center and knot our way to the toggle and clasps on the ends.

2. Knotted Bracelet Tutorial #2-A Whole Lot of Beadin’

The 2nd tutorial in our series is a Whole Lot of Beadin’, but it won’t take a whole lot of time! In this tutorial, one long continuous length of Crawford Linen Thread, Nunn Design Cast Pewter Beads, and a clasp are used to create a simple knotted bracelet.

3. Knotted Bracelet Tutorial #3-Daily Leaf

This is the 3rd in our series of 3 tutorials on how to create knotted bracelets. In this tutorial, we are using a 12 ply Crawford Waxed Linen Thread to create a visual interest that complements the focal leaf bracelet link. There are so many combinations and designs that you can use to create this bracelet depending on which Nunn Design Cast Beads you use or which of the many toggle and ring closures you select to use for creating. This tutorial will show you the basics of simple knotting and how to use a leather end connector to finish off your bracelet. The rest is up to you and your imagination!

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