6 Bitsy Ring and Bar Earring Buy & Trys Launch Today!

Today we launched 6 new Buy & Trys featuring the different techniques you can use for creating with the Bar Earring Large and Small, as well as the Hammered Bitsy Rings.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks we will share the companion tutorial for each Buy & Try! The dates of the tutorials are listed below next to each Buy & Try. Be inspired and purchase just the items needed to explore the featured technique! Enjoy!

What is a Nunn Design Buy & Try?

Nunn Design offers the Buy & Try Programs to encourage jewelry makers; both wholesale and retail, to buy the products needed to try something new.

It is always exciting to see new techniques and projects, but sometimes it takes forever to gather the supplies for that afternoon of creating. The Buy & Try Program allows you to: Be inspired and purchase just the items needed to explore the technique we are featuring. “Buy & Try” offers might contain items that we don’t typically have in stock! Purchase the “Buy & Try” products either a-la-carte, or in a combo pack.

For Wholesalers:

How the Wholesale Buy & Try Program works:

  • Minimum wholesale quantities for “Buy & Try” items are waived, allowing you to receive the lowest tiered price possible.
  • No need to purchase a wholesale minimum order of $100.00 on “Buy & Try” items. You can add these items to your cart and check out with just the items you will need for a day of creating!
    “Buy & Try” items cannot be combined with other wholesale products. 
Sorry it may be a bit confusing, so email Cheryl at Cheryl@nunndesign.com if you have any questions.
  • The Buy & Try offer expires November 5th at midnight.
  • Orders will ship on or before November 5th.
  • After November 5th: Buy & Try items will stay up for purchase after November 5th, however you will be required to purchase full bulk packs of findings and you may combine these items with regular wholesale items. $100 Minimum order back in effect.

Buy & Try 1:

Bar Earrings with Colorized Resin & Pearl Ex Powder!

With this Buy & Try technique, a splash of PearlEx Powder over curing colorized resin provides that one-of-a-kind look to your jewelry offerings. When your customers shop your booth at a show, at retail store locations, or on your website, they know they are purchasing a unique item.

Learn How:

Buy & Try 2:

Hammered Bitsy Rings with Colorized Resin & Pearl Ex Powder!

Have you ever been exited to make a tasty looking recipe? Has the excitement quickly faded as you read all the steps it will take to make that tasty looking food? It starts looking less tasty, doesn’t it? I have that same experience when it comes to making jewelry.

I like jewelry techniques to be easy, yet have a look of sophistication. This Buy & Try – Hammered Bitsy Rings with Colorized Resin and PearlEx Powders – streamlines the resin process into a single pour. This makes it easier and quicker for jewelry makers to create a sophisticated piece of jewelry.

Learn How:

Buy & Try 3:

Bar Earrings with Crystal Clay and Gilding Flakes

I’m not going to deny my obsession with Gilding Flakes. It has been coming on for some time and I just can’t seem to get enough of them. Gilding Flakes can be super elegant or casual, depending on how you create with them.

These super lightweight gilding flakes are available in three metallic colors, bronze, gold and silver. They are perfect for working with Crystal Clay! Slightly wet the tip of a toothpick and pick-up the gilding flakes. Tack the gilding flakes onto the Crystal Clay by gently touching the flakes to the clays wet surface. Gently rub the gilding flakes into the clay with your fingertips.

For this Buy & Try, we are offering the Nuvo Gilding Flakes from Tonic Studio in a very small re-packaged container. Test the gilding flakes out and explore them with this techniques prior to purchasing a larger container directly from Tonic Studio.

Learn How:

Buy & Try 4:

Hammered Bitsy Rings with Crystal Clay and Gilding Flakes

These Hammered Bitsy Rings with Crystal Clay are super fun and super fast to create! And take a look at how they stack together! Yes please!!!

Learn How:

Buy & Try 5:

Bar Earrings With Colorized Resin

Although the Nunn Design Bar Earrings are a great contemporary stand-alone pair of post earrings, adding colorized Nunn Design Resin to the surface can really jazz them up. There is an endless number of color combinations that you can mix using the Nunn Design Resin Kit and Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigments.

Learn How:

Buy & Try 6:

Hammered Bitsy Rings with Colorized Resin

There is an endless number of colors that can be created using the Nunn Design Resin Kit and Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigments. With so many colors and several fun shapes, the stacking possibilities are endless!

Learn How:

Download the 2018 Fall Catalogue

The Nunn Design Bar Earrings and Bitsy Rings are all part of the 2018 Fall Collection. To see the full line of products released, download our catalogue.

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