Nunn Design Hook & Eye Clasps, Lobster Clasps, Spring Rings and Connectors

Yesterday we shared a post about our Toggle Bars and Rings. Today we are sharing additional ways you can bring closure to any of your jewelry design projects – by using…Read More

Nunn Design Toggle Bars and Rings. A Great Way to Bring Closure.

Nunn Design Toggle Bars and Rings are a great way to bring closure to any jewelry project. All of our toggle bars are cast in lead-free pewter and plated in…Read More

Lillypilly Designs Creates Cabs that Fit Nunn Design Findings

We are so grateful for companies like Lillypilly Designs for collaborating with Nunn Design. Over the years, Heidi – the brilliance behind Lillypilly Designs, has designed her beautiful cabochon pieces…Read More

How To Make This Stacking Contemporary Necklace

Sometimes, when I’m sitting down to create, I lose myself in the process. I often forget how long something took me to figure out or how many versions I may…Read More

10 Reasons to Subscribe to the Nunn Design Blog

The Nunn Design blog is the hub of all activities occurring around our world headquarters. We’d love for you to be part of that! Here are 10 reasons why our…Read More

How to Purchase Nunn Design Findings Wholesale and Retail

Are you interested in purchasing Nunn Design Findings wholesale or retail? Here are some tips to help make that process easier. How to Purchase Nunn Design Findings Wholesale In order to…Read More

Which Colors Do You Want to Create with Resin and Colorants?

We had a great response from our previous blog post, How to Make 2017 Summer Pantone Colors with Colorized Resin. People found our formulas for creating the Pantone Colors with…Read More

Brags on You!

Thank you everyone for showing us your great work! It is our pleasure to Brag on You! I am really enjoying seeing the work of Jennifer of Flora and Forest….Read More

Gluing Crystals to Metal?

Last week a conversation came up on Facebook about what type of glue is the best to use for gluing crystals onto a base metal, such as pewter. It was a really…Read More

Textured Resin Tutorial: Part 1

It was a cold and wet spring day when I first explored this technique of texturizing resin. The end result from my initial play was extremely exciting and I fell…Read More

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