New Ear Wires and Wire Frames – 2018 Winter Collection Sneak Peek!

Here is another collection of findings that aren’t a surprise to our upcoming 2018 Winter Collection. (Don’t worry – the new new stuff is coming next!) All of these findings…Read More

Open Back Bezels – 2018 Winter Collection Sneak Peek!

For many of you, these organic styled Open Back Bezels that are joining the everyday Nunn Design findings line aren’t really a “sneak peek.” These are items we tested during…Read More

Cold Call Emails Can Be Annoying. Read An Example of a Cold Call Email That Worked!

A couple of weeks ago I did a blog post titled, “We Are All in Sales. Let’s Do It Well!” In the blog post I addressed a cold call email…Read More

Book Review-Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

It is no surprise to me that Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less was an instant New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller. His book is…Read More

How to Select the Best Nunn Design Brass Bead Caps to Incorporate into Your Jewelry Designs

There are several options of brass beadcaps within the Nunn Design Findings Collection. It can be a challenging to make a decision on which beadcaps to purchase. There are many…Read More

Deerskin Lace Dye Affects Nunn Design Plating

We are a distributor of Silver Creek Leather Company’s Deerskin Lace. We purchase large quantities of Deerskin Lace from Silver Creek Leather Company at a discounted price and then offer…Read More

Nunn Design Copper Plating Continues to Patina with Age

The pure copper that we use to plate our brass and cast pewter findings continues to patina with age. Sometimes I will pull out a piece of jewelry I have…Read More

We Are All In Sales! Let’s Do It Well!

Daniel Pink’s book, To Sell Is Human, is on my bedside dresser these days. Although this blog post isn’t a book review of his bestselling book, it has made me…Read More

The Making of the Nunn Design 2018 Master Collection Wholesale Catalogue

These past two weeks all of us at Team Nunn have been focusing on the reprint of our wholesale Master Catalogue. We like to design and print a new Master…Read More

Holiday Ornament Tutorial

My daughter Isabella and I are making these fun ornaments to giveaway to family members for the holidays (shhh….). I love how they came out! Here is a tutorial showing…Read More

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