Nunn Design’s Online Catalogue Takes you Places – 2018 Summer Collection!

Nunn Design’s Online Catalogue Takes you Places. Our 2018 Summer Collection Catalogue is only available in an online PDF filled with beauty and inspiration! Here is a tip to help…Read More

Shop the 2018 Summer Collection Today!

I hope you are ready for a fun summer creating jewelry! The findings included in this collection are designed to be standalone accents, however can be altered to make them…Read More

How to Attract & Sell to Your Core Customer

Recently, I posted an image and question on Instagram & Facebook that received a lot of attention and comments. I soon realized that I wasn’t asking the right question. I…Read More

Isabella Nunn in the 2018 Port Townsend Wearable Art Show

I try to keep the bragging on my kids down to a minimum. The only time that I include them on the Nunn Design Blog is to provide you a…Read More

2018 Summer Collection Preview! Collection Goes Live June 7th!

I think that every product developer or designer fears that someday they just won’t “hit the mark.” That they will find they have run out of items to design or…Read More

Is Stress Causing You to be Less Creative?

One of the reasons that I’m such a planner is that I’m not a big fan of drama or stress. I like to get to the airport 2 hours before…Read More

How to Make Leather Wrapped Fringe Earrings + Kit $12.00

The chocolate fringe, copper wire and tiny pearls are a great combination for these fringe earrings! If the finished product, as earrings, is just a little too hippy for your…Read More

Embroidery Inspiration!

So many beautiful jewelry embroidery pieces to be inspired by! Here are some of the latest we have to celebrate with you. Adrienne of Ellis and Ivy created these fun…Read More

Window Displays that Inspire!

I know I’m not unique with my window display obsession. I mean, what is there not to love when they are stop-in-your-tracks beautiful. Besides being little art scenes with the…Read More

Brags on You! (Issue #37)

Another favorite post to write! One in which we celebrate all the great designers that create and educate using the Nunn Design Collection. Here is a look of this month’s…Read More

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