Several Nunn Design Chains are Now Spooled on Cards!

We are now shipping several of the Nunn Design Chains spooled onto cards. This transition is a result of our warehouse team exploring ways to: Reduce waste Save warehouse space Save our customers shipping fees by using smaller shipping boxes. We will still need to spool the larger bulkier chain on spools, but the finer […]

Artisan Feature: Lisa Rogers Studio

Lisa ventured into the world of art at the tender age of three when she decided that the white walls needed her special touch of magenta crayon. She continued to explore art over the years, creating paintings and murals, theatrical set design and large scale stage backdrops.  Along the way, Lisa luckily discovered the art […]

Marbleized Resin with Transfer Sheets Tutorial

Learn how to create a marbleized resin effect using Nunn Design 2-Part Resin, Gilding Flakes, and Nunn Design Transfer Sheets. The results will look very different than traditional colorized resin. Supplies:
 Nunn Design Resin Kit Castin Crafts Opaque Pigments Nunn Design Bezels Gilding Flakes Other Supplies Needed:
 Q-Tips Rubbing Alcohol Wet wipes 
Plastic Bags Toothpicks […]

Nunn Design Art Day! Creative Play Results in 3 Fun Techniques Using Excess Resin

Quarterly, the team at Nunn Design puts the phone and emails on hold to take time out to create using Nunn Design Findings. Here is some of the creative play from our latest Nunn Design Art Day. Both Cheryl and Kathryn focused on how to create fantastic and fresh jewelry using excess resin! Kathryn’s Resin […]

How to Clean Copper and Prevent Copper from Tarnishing Again

Plated jewelry continues to age with time. Some of you LOVE the look of the darkening that naturally happens, others of you, not so much. How to Clean Copper! After doing some research on how to clean copper, Cheryl took an afternoon and conducted 5 tests using household ingredients. Here are the 5 tests that […]

9 Jewelry Techniques to Create with Excess Nunn Design Resin

I know for myself; I hate to waste resin. Here are 9 jewelry techniques that you can experiment with that use resin that is about to harden in the mixing cup. These techniques are handy to have at the ready during creative time spent using resin. 1. Colorize Resin Gems Tutorial In the tutorial, learn […]

12 Ways to Prevent a Resin Jewelry Disaster!

Working with Nunn Design 2-Part Resin to create mixed media jewelry that is one-of-a-kind is fun and crazily creative! If you are scared of resin or have heard some stories about resin disasters, here are 12 ways to prevent them from happening to you. 1. Monitor the Resin and Room Temperature. Make sure your room […]

3 New Knotting Bracelet Tutorials. Buy the Retail Kit or Shop & Make Wholesale in Bulk!

There are 3 new knotting bracelet tutorials posted on the Nunn Design Blog this week. Each of the projects are fast to create and designed for a beginner knotting student’s success! Knotted bracelets using a 12 ply Crawford Linen Thread and Nunn Design Cast Pewter Beads are a perfect combination. The 12 ply allows for […]

Knotted Bracelet Tutorial #3 Daily Leaf Bracelet!

Creating knotted beaded bracelets continues as a popular jewelry trend. These bracelets are sophisticated enough for even the more advanced jewelry designer while simple enough for a person new to knotting. 3 Knotted Bracelet Tutorials: This is the 3rd in a series of 3 tutorials about creating knotted bracelets. Here are the other 2 tutorials in […]

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