Jewelry Inspiration! Designing with ND Charms!

Nunn Design Charms can stand alone to create a solid finished jewelry piece, but the options don’t end just there. By adding a hoop or connector and dangling several charms together you can create a finished jewelry piece that is unique to your brand. Whether you are designing with beads, chain, wax linen thread or […]

How to Set-up a Tradeshow Booth to Tell a Story. A Tour of the Nunn Design Tucson Trade Show Booth

Becky Nunn To Bead True Blue Tradeshow

After doing tradeshows for over 27 years, I feel that I have finally created a tradeshow experience that I feel works! For me, setting up the Nunn Design Trade Show Booth is all about displaying the jewelry to tell a story. I take into consideration the following elements when we are setting up our booth: […]

Nunn Design’s 2020 Spring Semester Starts March 12th! Register Today!

Join us for the Nunn Design 2020 Spring Semester Starting March 12th! Our 2020 Spring Semester will begin March 12th and we would love for you to join us by registering today! Here is a preview of the 5 online classes that we will be featuring. If you are interested in joining us, please make […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Colorized Crystal Clay with PearlEx Powder!

What I love about this technique that is featured on the Nunn Design Blog, Colorized Crystal Clay with Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments, is that one designer’s pieces will come out contemporary in style, while another will be elegant. By simply changing the Castin’ Crafts Opaque Pigments used to colorize the Crystal Clay and by […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Pressed Flowers on Flat Tags!

Pressed flowers and organics are still a strong trend in jewelry making. To minimize the learning curve for preserving organics, mixing, and applying Nunn Design 2-Part Resin – you might be interested in our tutorials and videos featured on the Nunn Design Blog. Dried Flowers on Flat Tags with Resin Tutorial + Video. Be Inspired! […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Colorized Resin with PearlEx Powders!

Using colorized Nunn Design 2-Part Resin within Nunn Design Bezels is interesting enough, but adding a splash of Jaquard PearlEx Powdered Pigment creates for one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Learn this technique in our 2020 Spring Semester of 5 Free Online Classes: Class 4: Colorized Resin with Jacquard PearlEx Powder. April 2, 2020 All of the […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Sculpted Crystal Clay with Colorized Resin!

I personally LOVE the fired porcelain look this technique adds! There are several steps, but they are easy to learn and the results are stunning. Be Inspired! Click on each of the jewelry inspirations to link to the Nunn Design Gallery where you can easily add to your cart all of the supplies.   Shop […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Getting Creative with the Basics

Blending Nunn Design Charms with jumprings and flat tags can make even the most basic jewelry design be artistically unique. Nunn Design Charms can be either contemporary or elegant, but they play together nicely so you can place both styles within your designs! Be Inspired! Click on each of the jewelry inspirations to link to […]

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