8 Practices to Bring You Joy & Meaning – Part 1

I must confess, I don’t always feel inspired. There! I said it. There have been many days these past few years when I have asked myself; “Am I even capable of coming up with creative and fresh ideas ever again!?” I lacked motivation, experiencing a less than desirable amount of joy in my work and was needing […]

Brags on You! December 2022

80% of creating beautiful jewelry is spent on the small unremarkable behind the scene tasks. We, here at Nunn Design, know full-well what goes into creating these finished jewelry beauty shots. It takes time, dedication, exploration, experimenting and errors. It takes showing up and getting better at your craft. Being vulnerable to put yourself out […]

3 New Findings Added to the Nunn Design Collection!

Happy New Year! All of us here at Nunn Design hope that you are having time to rest and recharge after the busy holiday season. We are starting the new year with this collection of hammered hoops that we hope will BE INSPIRING. IDEAS that I’ve been looking forward to creating involve: – Assemblage. This is where […]

8 Business Articles for Jewelry Business Success

The team here at Nunn Design hopes all of you are enjoying a bit of rest after a busy holiday season. Our mission is to inspire and nurture creativity. Running a profitable small business can be just as enjoyable and rewarding as making beautiful jewelry. As we finish 2022 and prepare for the new year, we’d […]

22 Reasons for Declining & Thriving Jewelry Sales in 2022

In the early years of my career, I was exhibiting at 15 wholesale gift shows a year. There were many hours during those long tradeshows when vendors would leave their booths and chat with other business owners about why the show was so slow. “Maybe it is the weather,” or “the super bowl starts today […]

8 Tips to Streamlining Your Jewelry Business to Boost Your Profit

Nunn Design has provided me the opportunity to make connections with a lot of interesting business owners. During these past few years, I have leaned into my friendships to navigate the constant changes to the business landscape. I hope that I can be of service to you by covering 8 tips that I have found […]

How To Make Holiday Ornaments with Epoxy Clay, Molding Putty & Colorized Resin!

DIY Ornaments

This is our annual tutorial repost from a holiday ornament workshop we taught online in a previous year. I can’t wait to unpack my holiday ornaments because all of these samples are now within those boxes and I’m looking forward to seeing them. Here is what you will learn in this tutorial: How to create […]

Brags on You! October 2022

Thank you for continuing to create using Nunn Design Jewelry Findings. When there are so many options available in the marketplace, we can’t thank you enough for making the choice to design with the Nunn Design Collection. Over the past few weeks we have celebrated several artists on our various Nunn Design social media platforms. […]

5 New Findings Added to the Nunn Design Collection!

We have added 5 new findings to the Nunn Design Collection this week. 3 new bezels, 1 style of rings in 3 sizes, and 1 pair of earrings.  Hopefully there will be a little something for everyone. Beaded Pendant Mini Circle Single Loop (bpmcs) Outer Dimensions: 19.2 x 15.8 x 5mm, Inner Dimensions: 13mm Dia x […]

Why Our Customers Trust Their Jewelry to Nunn Design Findings!

There is nothing we could say to you that would endorse our credibility more than the words of our customers. We do our very best and our customers are the first to brag on us! Thank you! Janet Sanda of Sistas with Bad Habits Over the years I have tried a number of different suppliers, […]