8 Sea Charms to Embrace the Spirit of the Sea!

Sea Charms, seahorse, unicorn, oyster, starfish

Summer is on the way, so here is a feature on our Nunn Design Collection of Sea Charms! We have shells, starfish, seahorses, barnacle textures, more shells and a narwhal horn! Sea charms not only add beauty to your jewelry but also carry deep meanings that resonate with ocean lovers.   Our sea charms are cast […]

May’s Featured Findings | Post Earrings!

Hexagon Post Earrings

Discover Nunn Design’s Post Earrings Collections! We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on our latest featured findings, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of Nunn Design and sharing the love with you. This month, we’re excited to showcase two categories of post earrings: those adorned with a cast pewter tag and those adorned with brass bezels. Post Earrings Cast Pewter Tags […]

Brags on You! April 2024

Creativity fuels our passion at Nunn Design, and we’re thrilled to continue supporting your artistic endeavors each month. Join us as we spotlight inspiring artists on our social media channels, igniting your own creative spark. Let’s celebrate the boundless world of creativity together! So pretty! Lovely jewelry by Janet of @sistaswithbadhabits! I always love seeing […]

Artisan Feature – Beth Christina McCurdy

Creativity and nature go hand in hand for Beth Christina McCurdy, a jewelry artist from Florida’s Emerald Coast. “I couldn’t do what I do without being outside in nature. Even if it’s raining, I’ll go for a run,” she reveals, sharing how outdoor adventures inspire her creative process. Beth’s journey is also about perseverance. “Hard work […]

April’s Featured Findings! | Itsy Link Double Loop Bezels

Nunn Design Itsy Link Bezels

Itsy Link Double Loop Bezels! We are thrilled to begin a monthly spotlight on featured findings, highlighting Nunn Design items and giving them some love. This week, we are highlighting our Itsy Link Bezels, Ovals, Rectangles, Drops & Navettes! The small size and double loops give these bezels the versatility to be earrings, links in bracelets […]

Explore 3 Knotting Bracelet Tutorials!

Get Creative with Nunn Design Metal Beads and Waxed Linen Thread! Explore 3 tutorials featuring different knotting techniques. Each of the projects are fast to create and designed for a beginner knotting student’s success, but interesting enough for the seasoned jewelry maker. Knotted bracelets using a waxed linen thread and Nunn Design Cast Pewter Beads […]

Discover the Daily Leaf Bracelet: A Knotted Jewelry Tutorial!

Creating knotted beaded bracelets continues as a popular jewelry trend. These bracelets are sophisticated enough for even the more advanced jewelry designer while simple enough for a person new to knotting. Daily Leaf Bracelet Tutorial In this tutorial, we are using a 12 ply Crawford Waxed Linen Thread to create a visual interest that complements […]

Simple Steps to Stunning Knotted Bracelets: Waxed Linen Thread and Nunn Design Metal Beads!

Creating knotted beaded bracelets with waxed linen thread is sophisticated enough for even the more advanced jewelry designer, but simple enough for a person new to knotting. The 12 ply allows for just the right knot size and the wide holed Nunn Design Cast Pewter Beads are a perfect proportion for the knot. A Whole […]

Learn to Make an ID Tag Knotted Bracelet with Nunn Design Metal Beads!

Creating knotted beaded bracelets with waxed linen thread is still a popular jewelry trend. I mean, what is there not to love about this look! They are sophisticated enough for even the more advanced jewelry designer while simple enough for a person new to knotting, like me. Knot Lost Bracelet Tutorial In this tutorial, we […]

Jewelry Displays & Booth Inspiration

From trade show booths to product photography sessions, the right display can enhance your jewelry’s appeal. Becky has shared inspiring display ideas in the past, you can find them here. This time let’s take a look at some of the latest displays from our customers that have captured our attention. These makers have some beautiful […]

Artisan Feature – Jenny Tausendfreund of Tausendharz

I’ve been continually inspired by the makers we’ve had the privilege to feature on our website. Their openness, honesty, and transparency have been truly refreshing. While each entrepreneur’s path is unique, there’s a common thread that binds them together: grit. It’s this resilience that keeps them showing up, experimenting, and growing. Speaking of the incredible […]

Brags on You! February 2024

Behind every stunning piece of jewelry lies hours of meticulous work, often unseen and underappreciated. At Nunn Design, we deeply understand the dedication it takes to bring these creations to life. It’s about investing time, exploring, experimenting, and embracing mistakes—all while continuously honing your craft. It’s about the courage to proudly declare, ‘I made this!’ […]