Jewelry Displays & Booth Inspiration

From trade show booths to product photography sessions, the right display can enhance your jewelry’s appeal. Becky has shared inspiring display ideas in the past, you can find them here. This time let’s take a look at some of the latest displays from our customers that have captured our attention. These makers have some beautiful […]

Artisan Feature – Jenny Tausendfreund of Tausendharz

I’ve been continually inspired by the makers we’ve had the privilege to feature on our website. Their openness, honesty, and transparency have been truly refreshing. While each entrepreneur’s path is unique, there’s a common thread that binds them together: grit. It’s this resilience that keeps them showing up, experimenting, and growing. Speaking of the incredible […]

Brags on You! February 2024

Behind every stunning piece of jewelry lies hours of meticulous work, often unseen and underappreciated. At Nunn Design, we deeply understand the dedication it takes to bring these creations to life. It’s about investing time, exploring, experimenting, and embracing mistakes—all while continuously honing your craft. It’s about the courage to proudly declare, ‘I made this!’ […]

Jewelry Stringing Techniques: A Beginner’s Guide

@lfjewels Welcome to our guide on jewelry stringing techniques. Whether you’re an experienced jewelry designer or just getting started on your creative journey, this resource is full of valuable tips and tricks to help you craft beautiful pieces that your customers will love. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of stringing! @lfjewels What […]

Keepsake Jewelry by Shannah of Hello Dear Handmade

In a world filled with fleeting moments, there’s something special about preserving memories in tangible form. Whether it’s preserving a lock of hair, pressed flowers from a special event, or even ashes, each creation becomes a heartfelt reminder of the love and connections that shape our lives. Shannah, the creative force behind @hellodearhandmade, is an Oregonian […]

8 Things I Loved! Volume 6

Welcome to the sixth installment of “Things I Love,” a journey to communicate that which I am curious about, expressions of creativity that I have fallen in love with, and the big wide world of mystery that is ours to explore. This week I’m highlighting some of the things that I have loved learning, contemplating, […]

Artisan Feature – Colette Teurlings of BeLeaf Art

Colette Teurlings, of BeLeaf Art, reached out to me on Instagram, and her story immediately caught my attention. Her journey from her childhood in the Dutch countryside to her current nomadic lifestyle, traveling Europe and selling jewelry from her charming caravan, speaks volumes about her deep connection with nature and her boundless creativity. What intrigued […]

Brags on You! January 2024

Here at Nunn Design, we’re all about embracing the beauty of human connection and creativity. It’s truly heartwarming to see how our Nunn Design Findings become part of your artistic expressions. Reflecting on the past month fills us with gratitude for the amazing artists who’ve shared their creations with us. Your passion and talent light […]

New Double Loop Open Frame Bezels!

2024 Collection Nunn Design

Explore the Complete Open Frame Brass Collection Explore our growing Open Frame family of Brass bezels, now featuring two new double loop bezels. The collection boasts a variety of shapes and sizes, including 3 hexagons, 2 squares, 4 circles, 4 rectangles, 1 deep circle, and 2 circles with intricate edges. The open frame brass bezels […]

8 Things I Love! Volume 5

Welcome to the fifth installment of “Things I Love,” a journey celebrating the magic of creativity! I have grown to love putting together these posts. It is a way for me to communicate that which I am curious about, expressions of creativity that I have fallen in love with, and the big wide world of […]

Bead in France With Kate Richbourg of | May 30-June 6th, 2024.

Kate Richbourg has been one of my favorite jewelry making teachers of all times. I have taken classes with Kate throughout the years and watch A LOT of her Facebook Live videos and tutorials on When I heard that Kate and Jen Cushman had partnered up to offer a class in France, I was […]

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