Click! Learn! Make! – Part 2 Online Tutorials using Resin, Clay, Molds and Organics

Welcome to Part 2 in our Click! Learn! Make! series of blog posts. In this series we are highlighting all of the wonderful projects featured in the Nunn Design Master Catalogue. This series will be your guide to learning from over 30 tutorials on using resin, clay, molds and organics.

The Nunn Design Master Catalogue is designed to inspire our customers AND to educate them on how to do the various projects throughout the pages. Here is how we designed the catalogue pages with your interaction in mind:

  • Download the online digital Master Catalogue
  • Throughout the catalogue, click on an image you would like to learn more about. The catalogue will link you to the Nunn Design website where you will learn more. Maybe the project won’t be an exact match, but the technique will be very much like what you are seeing.

Here are the links to the other Click! Learn! Make! blog posts within this series:

Here is a breakdown of all the projects you will find on page 8 of the Nunn Design Master Catalogue. Click on the links to learn how. Shop all the supplies you will need to do the technique. Schedule a play date and make! Click! Learn! Make!

Technique 1: Using Excess Colorized Resin to Create Mosaics

I’m always exploring ways to use resin, especially ways in which to use resin that is just about to expire. With this technique, you can relax about running out of time when you are working with resin.

Create Colorized Resin Mosaics with Excess Resin Tutorials

How to Use Excess Colorized Resin to Create Mosaic Pendants Tutorial + Video

(ND Gallery: Acubens)

I wanted to include this piece of jewelry that Cheryl created. I just think it shows the potential of this technique better than any of the tutorials that I created.

Technique 2: Texturized Resin in Open Frames

Yet another technique discovered while trying to use up the last drops of my mixed resin before it started to harden in the cup. This technique only works with resin that is good and goopy, otherwise it sticks to the Clay Squisher Texturing Pad, forever!

Textured Resin Tutorial: Part 1 and Textured Resin Tutorial: Part 2

Technique 3: Resin within Wire Frames

Wire Frames are very light weight and ideal for creating some very unique earrings and pendants. Add a little tape on the backside of the wire frame to create unique colorized resin pieces.

Creating Resin Filled Pendants with Wire Frames

I’ve included two videos I think will be helpful in learning this technique.

Technique 4: Open Back Bezels with Organics

Embedding organics into resin is one of the most popular techniques that we are offering right now. As with any resin technique, there is a learning curve for understanding how to preserve organics to get the optimal results (ie: less bubbles!). Here are a couple tutorials to get you started creating!

How to Use Organics in Open Back Bezels with Nunn Design 2-Part Resin

Preserving Organics for Resin Jewelry

Here are a couple more tutorials on working with organics that might be of interest to you. They involve using Nunn Design Flat Tags and other bezels, but since you are exploring, why not take a peek at these too!

How to Use Crystal Clay, Organics and Nunn Design Resin

How to Use Organics with Colorized Nunn Design Resin on Flat Tags

How to Use Organics with Nunn Design Resin on Flat Tags 

Dried Flowers on Flat Tags with Resin Tutorial + Video

Technique 5: Texturized Resin within Nunn Design Bezels

Resin can be texturized in several different ways. The textured resin for these Open Frame Bezel samples were created on a Clay Squisher. When the texturized resin was at the soft cure phase (5-6 hours into curing), I traced the outside dimensions of the bezel onto the smooth side of the texturized resin (or backside) and adhered the cut shape of textured resin onto the Open Bezel Frame with another coat of mixed resin. There isn’t an exact tutorial showing me do this exact piece, but these tutorials will get you started.

Texturized Resin Tutorial: Part 2

Texturized Resin in Open Frame Hoops Tutorial + Video

You can also create molds using organics to create textured resin.

Making Molds with Organics to Create Sculpted Resin Tutorial + Video

Technique 6: Sculpted Resin

This technique came out of some creative playtime of mine and I was thrilled to have figured out the following problem: How to you create a sculpted resin piece within a Nunn Design Bezel? This technique is ideal for any of the brass bezels that Nunn Design offers. There are no irregularities to the brass bezels that are machine milled, allowing for the mold be used time and time again.

Sculpted Relief Resin Mold within an Open Bezel

Technique 7: Open Back Bezels with Colorized Resin and Organics

In this technique, you take what you learned in category 4 one step further! Applying colorized Nunn Design Resin in the base of the bezels allows for so many variations of color, making your organic jewelry uniquely yours.

Open Back Bezels with Colorized Resin and Organics Tutorial + Video

Colorizing Resin in an Open Back Bezel with Organics

Learn how to mix trending colors with our Nunn Design Resin and Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigment Pantone Formula Cheat Sheet!

2019 Pantone Color Formulas using Nunn Design 2-Part Resin and Opaque Pigments 

I hope you have learned something from the second blog post in our Click! Learn! Make! series!

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