Let’s Talk Earwires

For the past year, earrings have been the fastest moving finished jewelry item for many of our customers. All of the virtual meetings, Facetime and Zoom gatherings allowed everyone to wear sweatpants at home and to put their focus on making a statement with their earrings.

As Covid restrictions lift (here in Port Townsend, Washington, facemasks were required until yesterday!), I don’t see the trend of earring sales declining. With fashion trending to more comfortable clothes, accessories will continue to be an easy way to “dress up” an outfit.

I am not an expert on these matters, but what I can tell you is that I have been packaging, pulling and shipping earwires. Sales, even with Covid, are up 15% over the previous year. That is a lot of earwires!!

So, why purchase Nunn Design Earwires when there are so many out there to choose from? Why pay more when you could probably purchase them cheaper elsewhere? Well, let’s talk earwires!

  • Nunn Design earwires start with brass and is formed into shapes.
  • Earwires are then cleaned and plated NICKEL-FREE in the USA with imported precious metals
  • Earwires are quality controlled, counted and packaged into easy to purchase quantities.
  • Although nickel-free plating is slightly different than items that are not plated nickel-free, the earwires from Nunn Design work with the rest of our line of jewelry findings.

Here are the earwires within the Nunn Design line-up!

Earwires Ball & Hook


Open Oval & V-Style Earwires

Earwire Hoops

Kidney Earwires

Leverback Earwires

Gold Filled and Sterling Ear Wires

What does Gold Filled wire mean?
Also called gold overlay, gold filled wire is a great option for making precious gold jewelry without the cost of solid gold. Gold fill is created by using heat and pressure to apply a layer of karat gold to a base of less costly metal.

Let’s Talk Series:

We hope that you will use this series as a resource when preparing the copy to describe your own jewelry made from Nunn Design Findings. It is becoming more and more important to be completely transparent with how and where your jewelry is being made. Consumers want to be aware of what they are purchasing and who they are supporting. It is our jobs to provide correcting information and descriptions.

To review other posts in this series, here is what we have talked about:

Thank you all for paying attention to all of the details!

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