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Epoxy Clay, Skeleton Leaves and Resin within Wire Frames Tutorial!

In this tutorial, learn how to create with Epoxy Clay and Skeleton Leaves in a Nunn Design Wire Frame. The end pieces are unique and very light in weight. Perfect for pendants and earrings. If you are interested in exploring other types of organics, please read a previous blog post from the Nunn Design Blog: […]

Texturized Resin in Open Frame Hoops Tutorial + Video

What You Will Learn: Texturized Resin in Open Frame Hoops: This technique was discovered when I was in a creative panic over my resin setting up. I was losing my “resin window” as the resin started to get thick and hard within the mixing up. I was curious to see what would happen if I […]

20 Ways to Create with Nunn Design Open Back Bezels

The Nunn Design Open Back Bezel Collection is one of our most popular trending bezel categories within our jewelry findings line. The diversity of the Open Back Bezels and the variety of techniques that can be used for creating has a large part to do with their success. Another trend important for our jewelry designers […]

8 Inspirational Video Tutorials for Creating with Wire Frames and Hoops

Whether you are wire wrapping a tree of life pendant or pouring resin into a Nunn Design Wire Frame or Hoop, here are 8 inspiring video tutorials to awaken your creativity. 1. How to Make a Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant In this video, Julie Bean from Beadaholique walks you through how you can […]

Create Jewelry with Candy Wrappers, Open Hoops and Resin

Here is a tutorial of my daughter, Emillia, creating jewelry for her PT Wearable Art Costume using candy wrappers. This tutorial has a lot of steps, I won’t deny that, but the results are super fun! Supplies Needed: Nunn Design Open Frame Hoops Castin’ Crafts Opaque Pigments, Red, Blue and White Nunn Design 2-Part Resin […]

Colorized Resin in Open Hoops with Mica Powders and Flakes

Creating pendants with colorized Nunn Design Resin and Open Hoops is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to make some statement jewelry pieces. Adding a splash of additional color with Pearl Ex powders and mica flakes will create a one of a kind pendant. Another blog post that you might be interested in is; 2019 […]

Colorizing Resin in an Open Back Bezel with Organics

Adding organics over colorized resin creates a stunning effect. This technique does require multiple resin pours, but the results are unique and beautiful. To ensure that your organics are ready for resin, please read the previous blog post that covers 6 tips for preparing organics for resin. The preparation and drying of your organics is […]

Colorized Resin in Open Frames Tutorial + Video

This technique of colorizing resin and using Open Frame Hoops is probably one of our most popular tutorials. The look of the finished jewelry can vary based on the frames and resin color thus allowing for a diverse look and feel. Check out the tutorial on this technique or watch the video at the end of […]

Coming October 13th! 2016 Fall Collection Open Frame Hoops

Open Frame Hoops might just look like a round circle to some. For others, they will recognize the potential of designing and creating with a continuous hoop that doesn’t need to be soldered closed. That was my inspiration behind offering this category of products. If I wanted to design with them, my hope was that […]

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