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Make These with Colorized Resin, PearlEx Powders & Organics

This tutorial was inspired by the look of dendritic quartz and dendritic agates.  What is so fun about this technique can also cause some resin creators a little anxiousness. There are no two pieces that will look just alike!  If you are looking to exploring resin, then this technique is just up your alley. How to mix and […]

Make These with Epoxy Clay, Mica Flakes & Colorized Resin

I was curious about how to create more of a reflective quality in my resin pieces. By applying a layer of Epoxy Clay and embedding Mica Flakes prior to pouring the colorized resin into the bezel allowed for a more reflective pop to the resin. Once the resin has cured, the resin is gently sanded […]

Make These with Epoxy Clay, PearlEx Powders & Colorized Resin

I am thrilled with how these pieces look! I knew I had a winner when we were asked over and over again, “do you also sell the stones.” This look really has a high-end feel, yet is fairly simple to execute. I want to provide full disclosure with this tutorial. The samples in the above […]

Click! Learn! Make! – Part 6 Online Tutorials using Resin, Clay, Molds and Organics

Over the past couple weeks we have been focusing on supporting the Nunn Design Master Catalogue with a series of Click! Learn! Make! blog posts. This series will be your guide to learning over 30 tutorials on using resin, clay, molds and organics through interacting with our Master Catalogue. Welcome to part 6 of our […]

Nunn Design Art Day – Team Nunn Takes to Teaching!

Quarterly, the team at Nunn Design ignores the phone and emails to take time out to create. It is our opportunity to work with the products first hand and to inspire and nurture our own creativity. This last quarterly Art Day, we mixed things up a bit. We have a new member to the Nunn […]

Pebeo Paints, Colorized Resin and Boho Style Jewelry! 12 New Projects to Create!

I think something people don’t understand about the Team at Nunn Design, is that they are not professional “jewelry artists.” All of the staff, including myself, have come from a variety of careers and backgrounds. Team Nunn comes together quarterly to create. Everyone is encouraged (well…sometimes they are pushed) to try new things they have […]

New Book by Marla Salezze – Learn to Stitch Beaded Jewelry

Marla Salezze has been inspiring Nunn Design Customers for years with her jewelry creations. As a member of the Nunn Design Innovation Team for over 5 years, Marla has created dozens of jewelry pieces that have been featured in numerous jewelry magazines. Marla is an amazing teacher and very passionate about her craft. Her much […]

7 Art Day Jewelry Projects from Team Nunn Designer Melissa

The Team at Nunn Design had a very successful art day this past month! There are so many great pieces of finished jewelry to inspire you with –  we are breaking the art day highlights into several blog posts! For this blog post we are featuring the creations of Melissa, Team Nunn’s Graphic Designer. Melissa […]

Making Molds with Organics to Create Sculpted Resin Tutorial + Video

What You Will Learn: Making Molds with Organics to Create Sculpted Resin This tutorial is one of those fun techniques discovered while trying not to panic about my “resin window” closing and the mixture becoming too thick to use. It involves making and creating your own mold using organics, such as leaves, and pouring the […]

Nunn Design Summer School Starts Next Week, July 3rd. Did You Commit?

During the month of July, we are featuring a series of 6 tutorials using Nunn Design Resin on our website. When you commit to Nunn Design Summer School, students will receive a variety of special offerings including an email with a coupon code. This coupon code* is good for each of the 6 Summer School […]

2018 Winter Collection is now Live on our Website!

As technology becomes more incorporated in all that we do, the trends of our day-to-day life are reflected in the trends of fashion and accessories. There is some push back to this fast paced technology driven world with consumers desiring artisan goods that reflect the “handmade” movement of small batch production and unique offerings. The […]

Texturized Resin Tutorial: Part 2

This summer I wrote Part 1 of this tutorial about Texturizing Resin. I originally stumbled across this technique while messing about last spring, but when I actually scheduled the step-out photos it was mid-summer. The results didn’t come out consistent with the results I had in the spring.  To see that original post, visit our blog: Textured […]

Brags on Team Nunn!

The Nunn Design Quarterly Art Day was a great success! The team learned a lot and had great fun. Take a look at some of the pieces created. Experimenting with Nunn Design 2-Part Resin, Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigments and Transfer Sheets within Open Pendants was a big focus. The team’s focus was around creating samples […]

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