2018 Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member-Kathryn

Kathryn is the newest member of the Nunn Design Team, having worked with us for two years. She is a continual source of inspiration to all of us – because…Read More

Emillia Nunn’s Stand-up Comedy Routine on Being a Teenager in a Small Town

The mission of Nunn Design is: Through collaborative relationships, Nunn Design inspires and nurtures creativity. This isn’t a mission that just guides my business practices, it is a mission that…Read More

2018 Winter Collection Inspiration from Team Member-Heather

Heather, the Nunn Design Operations Manager, has a western cowboy style to many of her jewelry creations. She tends to gravitate toward the Nunn Design leather products, including Deerskin Lace,…Read More

2018 Nunn Design Master Catalogue

This week, the Nunn Design Master Catalogue has been arriving in the mail across the country. Have you received yours yet? Nunn Design’s Online Catalogue Takes you Places. Here is…Read More

2018 Winter Collection! Jumprings, Bails, Ball Headpins and Button Shanks!

Here is the latest line-up of findings from the 2018 Winter Collection released by Nunn Design. In this post we will cover 4 new jumprings, a bail, ball headpins and…Read More

Deerskin Lace & Chain! – 2018 Winter Collection Sneak Peek!

The 2018 Winter Collection was released last week reveling a full collection of new findings added to the Nunn Design product mix. Over the past few weeks we have provided…Read More

2018 Winter Collection is now Live on our Website!

As technology becomes more incorporated in all that we do, the trends of our day-to-day life are reflected in the trends of fashion and accessories. There is some push back…Read More

Drops – 2018 Winter Collection Sneak Peek!

Staying consistent to the organic style, look and feel of the 2018 Winter Collection, let us introduce you to the three new drops. All of these new drop findings are…Read More

Hammered Moon & Cross Charms – 2018 Winter Collection Sneak Peek!

If you haven’t yet noticed, there is a consistent look and feel to the 2018 Winter Collection. First we introduced the organic style Open Back Bezels, next we introduced the Organic…Read More

Organic Hoops – 2018 Winter Collection Sneak Peek!

The addition of Organic Hoops to the 2018 Winter Collection are an exciting style to design with. I really enjoyed designing with these new Large and Grande Organic Hoops. The…Read More

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