5 Tips to Prevent & Clean-Up Spilled Resin

You can approach working with resin in two different ways. The first approach is to dive right in and get started while receiving mixed results. The trial and error approach…Read More

In the Press; Jewelry Affaire

The October/November/December issue of Jewelry Affaire has a couple of projects sporting Nunn Design Findings! Becky’s Texturize & Tantalize Collection www.nunndesign.com/gallery/blackburn/ www.nunndesign.com/gallery/farnham/ www.nunndesign.com/gallery/liberty/ On pages 100-102 is a full tutorial…Read More

How to Make Crescent Wire Wrapped Earrings

This is a fairly simple wire-wrapping tutorial that a beginner can cut their teeth on, yet is sophisticated enough for any skill level. Crescent Wire Wrapped Earrings can be worn…Read More

Nunn Design Fall Art Retreat was a Success!

We wrapped up our 2017 teaching schedule with our Nunn Design Fall Art Retreat. The evening started in the warehouse of the Nunn Design office with students working through several…Read More

Brags on You!

I want to give a big thank you to everyone for sending in your images or including a #nunndesign to your Instagram posts. We love seeing what you are creating…Read More

Embroidery Inspiration by Serene Stitching

Britney Grossman is the embroidery artist behind the Atlanta based company Serene Stitching. The team at Nunn Design was delighted to have Britney’s beautiful hand stitched embroidery assembled in our…Read More

Flash Sale Wire Hoops and Earwires: October 9th-13th!

Earlier in the spring, we took a survey of our customers to inquire about what you were looking to design with in 2018. One of the categories that we saw…Read More

Texturized Resin Tutorial: Part 2

This summer I wrote Part 1 of this tutorial about Texturizing Resin. I originally stumbled across this technique while messing about last spring, but when I actually scheduled the step-out photos…Read More

Painter’s Tape vs Packing Tape for Open Frame Resin-Filled Bezels

I really enjoy incorporating resin into Open Back Frames, Wire Hoops and Bezels to make unique customized jewelry. Open Backs have provided a whole new level of creativity to my…Read More

Artisan Spotlight Meadow & Fawn

I’m not sure how the artwork of Alexis of Meadow and Fawn first came into my awareness, but I do know that I loved it from the moment I saw…Read More

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