9 Jewelry Techniques to Create with Excess Nunn Design Resin

I know for myself; I hate to waste resin. Here are 9 jewelry techniques that you can experiment with that use resin that is about to harden in the mixing cup. These techniques are handy to have at the ready during creative time spent using resin.

1. Colorize Resin Gems Tutorial

In the tutorial, learn how you can scoop the excess resin out of the mixing cup and let it cure on a Ziplock Bag. After a couple hours the resin will hit the “soft cure” phase of the curing process and you can roll and sculpt it.
Read the full tutorial: Colorized Resin Gems Tutorial

2. Texturized Resin in Open Frame Hoops

In order for the resin in this technique to not stick to the texturizing pad while it cures, the resin needs to be very thick. It is ideal for using up that excess resin!
Read the full tutorial: Texturized Resin in Open Frame Hoops Tutorial + Video

3. Create a Mosaic with Excess Resin

In this tutorial, we cover how you can let the excess resin cure and then cut it, roll it or form it into shapes. In all of these pieces, there is a second pour of resin over the top.
Read the full tutorial: Create Colorized Resin Mosaics with Excess Resin Tutorials

4. Texturized and Stitched Resin

Like technique #2, excess very thick resin is poured on a texturizing pad. Once the resin has reached the soft cure state, you can peel it off of the pad and cut it with scissors and punch it. I love the look of this technique.
Read the full tutorial: Texturized Resin Tutorial: Part 2

5. Resin Drop Pendant with Gilding Flakes

I love how these pieces turned out. The full tutorial will walk you through the process of using Gilding Flakes and sculpting the pieces.
Read the full tutorial: Nunn Design Resin Drop Pendants using Excess Resin and Gilding Flakes

6. Resin in an Open Wire Frame

Sorry, there isn’t a tutorial showing this exact technique, but this tutorial will guide you through most of the how to.
Read the full tutorial: Colorized Resin Gems Tutorial

7. Create a Mosaic Pendant in an Open Back Bezel

The tutorial that I have for this technique isn’t nearly as cool as the sample that Cheryl created, but it will give you the basic understanding.
Read the full tutorial: How to Use Excess Colorized Resin to Create Mosaic Pendants Tutorial + Video

8. Mosaic Bangle Bracelets

Kathryn created these amazing mosaic bangle bracelets using cured resin that she cut into tiles and embedded into Crystal Clay. There isn’t a full tutorial, but you can learn more in our Nunn Design Art Day Blog Post posting next week!

9. Bangles with Resin and Gilding Flakes

Cheryl created these bangles just when the resin was at the soft cure phase. This too does not have a tutorial, but you can read how the basic process of creating these pieces was done.
Read about how it is done in a post next week!

Do you have a technique for excess resin?

With bag of tricks at the ready, don’t fret about mixing up resin that you might not use to the last drop. You will be ready with other techniques that can only be done with resin that is soon to go hard.

Do you have other techniques on how to use excess resin that you have discovered? Leave a comment and tell us!

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