Jewelry Inspiration! Sculpted Crystal Clay with Colorized Resin!

I personally LOVE the fired porcelain look this technique adds! There are several steps, but they are easy to learn and the results are stunning. On the Nunn Design Blog we offer two different tutorials on how to create this look. One tutorial involves using a regular bezel and the other tutorial uses a Nunn Design […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Getting Creative with the Basics

Blending Nunn Design Charms with jumprings and flat tags can make even the most basic jewelry design be artistically unique. Nunn Design Charms can be either contemporary or elegant, but they play together nicely so you can place both styles within your designs! Be Inspired! Click on each of the jewelry inspirations to link to […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Add a Charm On It!

Designing with the Nunn Design Charms will add an element of elegance with an organic flair. With over 75 different designs, an alphabet charm line and buttons, the combination of creative solutions allows for our customers to be unique. Be Inspired! Click on each of the jewelry inspirations to link to the Nunn Design Gallery […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Rubber Stamped Crystal Clay with Colorized Resin!

Although this technique has been taught since the early days of Nunn Design, it has had a resurgence in popularity due to this catalogue spread. It is amazing what new bezel shapes and an on-trend colorized resin color can do for a new jewelry look! This technique is ideal for beginners. If you don’t like […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Designing with Flat Tags!

Although the Nunn Design Collection of Flat Tags are plated to be metal stamped or engraved upon, they are also ideal for creating jewelry that is easy to assemble. I often use the phrase, “Nunn Design Findings are like Legos for jewelry makers”. This couldn’t be more obvious and easier to do than with the […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Colorized Resin in Open Hoops and Frames!

Sometimes, doing something as simple as adding an on-trend color into a unique bezel is a stand-alone hit. With Nunn Design Findings, we believe we have the perfect formula for a hit. Now, if simplicity isn’t your thing and you want to add some bells and whistles to make your pieces really pop and stand […]

Jewelry Inspiration! Colorized Resin, Pearl Ex Powders & Organics!

Colorized Resin, Pearl Ex Powders & Organics

Keeping things fresh and pushing boundaries is essential for your customers’ engagement and their desire to come back to see what is fresh and new. Many of the Nunn Design Customers are small, independent, AWESOME makers who have loyal followings. Designing for a smaller audience of core customers, requires that you keep things fresh without […]

Jewelry Inspiration! More Colorized Resin with Gilding Flakes!

Colorized Resin with Gilding Flakes!

With this technique of Colorized Resin with Gilding Flakes, each piece of jewelry will be unique! Select from numerous formulas of on-trend Pantone Colors to colorize Nunn Design 2-Part Resin by downloading the Nunn Design Pantone Cheat Sheet. Here is another post we shared featuring Colorized Resin with Gilding Flakes! Sign-Up for the Next Series […]

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