8 Open Back Bezel Jewelry Ideas

The Open Back Bezel has been a component in the Nunn Design Product Line that lends itself to such a diverse amount of creativity. Cast in lead-free pewter and plated…Read More

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Flash Sale Leather Cuffs


October 22nd and 23rd, we “Flash” to you new colors of Leather Cuffs. Sorry, wholesale only. To shop our Flash Sale wholesale: Flash Sale Leather Cuffs Leather Cuffs The Nunn…Read More

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In The Press-Marla Salezze

Nunn Design Innovation Team Marla Salezze has two projects featured in the special feature of BeadWorks Magazine. I love both of these projects! Thanks Marla for all your great inspiration!…Read More

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Artisan Spotlight: Lisa Messman


It is always fun to see the great pieces that our Giveaway Winner creates with their stash of loot. To fill these great brooches, Lisa used Pebeo Prisme Paints to…Read More

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16 Elegant Jewelry Projects for the Holidays!


As we gear up for those holiday shows, consider adding some quick and easy prong setting jewelry to your offering. Prong settings are a quick way to incorporate an elegant…Read More

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Artisan Spotlight: Stephanie Gard Buss


Innovation Team Member, Stephanie Gard Buss is not a new comer to the Nunn Design Blog or Gallery. She has been with our Innovation Team for the last three years…Read More

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Artisan Spotlight: Karen McGovern


What I love so much about Innovation Team Member Karen McGovern’s Jewelry (and trust me it is hard to narrow all the things I love down into one blog post)…Read More

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Hand Crochet, Needlepoint and Silk Jewelry


I’m a little obsessed right now with incorporating fibers and handcrafts into jewelry. I’ve always been really attracted to handcrafts such as crocheting, knitting and needlepoint. As a product developer…Read More

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Create Statement Necklaces with Nunn Design Glass Keepsake Pendants and Keys


Glass Keepsake Pendants Glass Keepsake Pendants by Nunn Design provides jewelry makers with the ability to encapsulate a treasure or a memory. Whether it be a beach walk, grains of…Read More

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Flash Sale Prong Setting Rings & Chatons

October 8th and 9th , we “Flash” to you our Prong Setting Rings & Chatons. These items are an exclusive to Nunn Design. Sorry, wholesale only. To shop our Flash…Read More

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