Then There Was The Fruitcake.

Preface by Becky Nunn Dawn Sagar is the warehouse manager here at Nunn Design. Late last year, Dawn asked for my help in creating a piece of jewelry for her…Read More

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14 Inspirations from Team Nunn + Flash Sale Preview

The team at Nunn Design sits down quarterly to work with our product line first hand. Our art days help the team collaborate on new ideas for additional products, test…Read More

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14 Projects of Lovelies from Beadaholique

It is so much fun to see what other people create with the Nunn Design Findings. It is one of the joys of witnessing creativity in action. Each person puts…Read More

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A Great Tutorial on How To Create A Wrapped Bracelet!

A good tutorial that is clear and inspires one to create is a big undertaking. So, when I come across one that I think is worthy of a shout out,…Read More

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Build a Great Business Blog-FedEx

I’m not sure how I got signed-up for FedEx’s newsletter. Just when I was about to complain that someone added me without me ‘asking’, I started to glance at the…Read More

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2015 Winter Collection Now Live!


We have been sneaking peeks of our 2015 Winter Collection for the last few weeks, all in preparation for today. To entice you even more, here are some of the…Read More

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Deerskin Lace Goes Live 1/15/15!

A few months back, we had a Flash Sale on Deerskin Lace. We received the feedback that we were looking for to pull the switch on adding it to our…Read More

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2015 Winter Collection Giveaway! + Cool Video!


One of the reasons that I’m so excited about the 2015 Winter Collection is because Melissa created this awesome video. It PUMPS ME UP with excitement each time I watch…Read More

In The Press-Marla, Karen and Katie Wall

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It is always a pleasure to see pieces from our Innovation Team and friends published. Here is the latest from Innovation Team Members Marla Salezze, Karen McGovern and friend Katie…Read More

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Private Sneak Peek 2015 Winter Collection!

All week we have been providing sneak peeks into the 2015 Winter Collection. If you haven’t had a chance to join us on our blog, click through the below links…Read More

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