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From the Heart: Nunn Design Jewelry Findings for February

Heart findings, such as heart bezels, charms, or tags, serves as a versatile expression of love, sentiment, and style. From symbolizing romantic relationships and creating personalized keepsakes to making fashion statements and celebrating milestones, heart jewelry holds diverse meanings. It can convey self-love, empower individuals, and represent connections in friendships or family bonds. Additionally, heart […]

Lucky Charm Necklace Tutorial

Does it really work to adorn oneself with lucky charms? According to some folks the data is there to support that it really does work. I really like this excerpt from Jeff Haden’s Inc. article titled: “Secret Weapon: Your Lucky Underwear?” Jeff writes: “We hypothesize that the proposed performance benefits of superstition are produced by […]

Lucky Charm Bracelet Tutorial

A couple years back I became obsessed with understanding how keywords worked with search engine optimization. I can’t say that I’m all that educated on this subject, but basically, I was typing into Google certain words and then a report would pop up telling me how many people are searching for those types of items […]

Make Beads with Beadcaps in this Heart Earring Project.

Learn how to make a head pin loop and create beads from bead caps in this simple Valentine Tutorial from the Nunn Design Archives. Mix up a batch of Epoxy Clay For this tutorial I used the Dark Brown Crystal Clay. I tend to like the clay to be behind the scenes and subtle. Crystal […]

“Make This” Heart Earrings

“Make This” Heart Earrings + Giveaway

  The following items were used to make this project: Earwires Antique Gold Headpins 2” Antique Gold Bead Caps 9mm Coral Antique Gold Bead Caps 6mm Petal Antique Gold Elongated Heart Charm Antique Gold Chaton Birthstones Garnet Crystal Clay-Dark Brown 1. Pinch off two equal (large pea) size balls, of Part A (the color) and […]

How To Make An Easy Glass Dome Necklace

When my parent’s celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, I wanted to create a fun little bobble to wear to their anniversary party. The technique of using glass domes over photos is an easy, quick, and affordable way to bring a high-end look to making jewelry. This project is for beginners of all ages. Gather Supplies […]

Brags on You! January 2024

Here at Nunn Design, we’re all about embracing the beauty of human connection and creativity. It’s truly heartwarming to see how our Nunn Design Findings become part of your artistic expressions. Reflecting on the past month fills us with gratitude for the amazing artists who’ve shared their creations with us. Your passion and talent light […]

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