Click! Learn! Make!- Part 4 Online Tutorials using Resin, Clay, Molds and Organics

The Nunn Design Master Catalogue is designed to inspire our customers AND to educate them on how to create the various projects throughout the pages. This is part 4 in our Click! Learn! Make! series of blog posts. In this post we will be highlighting the projects featured on page 12 of the Nunn Design Master Catalogue. This series will be your guide to learning from over 30 tutorials on using resin, clay, molds and organics.

Here is how we designed the catalogue pages with your interaction in mind:

  • Download the online digital Master Catalogue
  • Throughout the catalogue, click on an image that you would like to learn more about. The catalogue will link you to the Nunn Design website where you will learn more. Maybe the project won’t be an exact match, but the technique will be very much like what you are seeing.

Here are the links to the other Click! Learn! Make! blog posts within this series:

Here is a breakdown of all the projects you will find on page 12 of the Nunn Design Master Catalogue. I hope you are ready to Click! Learn! Make!

Technique 1 : Embedding Ball Chain & Faceted Ball Chain!

Learn how to embed ball chain and faceted bead chain into Crystal Clay. Some of these tutorials address how to create this same look using a Nunn Design Bezel Ring, others are tutorials on how to use a curved surface or how to create a drop shape with Crystal Clay and wrapping Ball Chain and Faceted Ball Chain. So many variations, all the same technique! Click! Learn! Make!

How to Embed Faceted Bead Chain into Crystal Clay

Embedding into Crystal Clay on Crystal Points Tutorial

Ball Chain Bee Hive Tutorial

You’ll Want to Make This Crystal Open Frame Hoop Pendant

Domed Itsy Bezel Tutorial

Excess Crystal Clay Bits – Make a Beaded Drop!

Itsy Link Charm Tutorial, Inspiration + Video

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Technique 2: Glitter Roxs in Resin

Glitter Roxs are colorized glass flakes imported from Germany. They are ideal to embed in Nunn Design 2-Part Resin as well as Gel du Soleil, a resin that cures with ultra violet light. Here are a couple different tutorials to walk you through the steps of using this great quick, easy and colorful medium.

I know these are bitsy post earrings, but the process for using a tiny bezel is the same as a large bezel, an open back bezel or even a hoop.

Make These Bitsy Earrings with Nunn Design Resin and Glitter Roxs – Tutorial! 

Here is an example where I just used a few flakes on colorized resin.

Colorized Resin with Glitter Roxs Tutorial

For this tutorial, I added a little Crystal Clay in the base and then embedded the Glitter Roxs into the clay prior to pouring on Nunn Design Resin.

Stacking Rings with Crystal Clay, Glitter Roxs and Nunn Design 2-Part Resin

Glitter Roxs are ideal for using with Gel du Soleil. Because the glass in translucent, it is quick and easy to cure with the uv lamp. I like this druzy like stone look, but remember, these are shards of glass. You need to “buff” the cured pieces because the edges can be sharp.

How to Make Pendants with Glitter Roxs & Gel du Soleil 

In this tutorial, you can learn how to create Open Back Bezel Rings with Nunn Design Resin and Glitter Roxs.

Create Resin Filled Open Back Bezel Rings Tutorial

Technique 3: PearlEx Powders on Resin

PearlEx Powders are a very finely ground mica powder. When mixed or “dusted” onto the surface of Nunn Design Resin, it is a wonderful colorant. Here are a variety of tutorials exploring the many ways to use this medium with resin.

This tutorial walks you through how to use Nunn Design Open Back Bezels with colorized resin and PearlEx Powders.

Colorized Resin in Open Hoops with Mica Powders and Flakes 

In this tutorial, the base of the Bitsy Rings are filled with colorized resin, dusted with PearlEx Powders and then resin is poured while the base colorized resin is still wet. It created this fun swirled like look.

Make These Hammered Bitsy Rings with Colorized Resin and Pearl Ex Powders-Tutorial! 

In this tutorial, the base of the Open Back Bezel is filled with Crystal Clay and then covered with PearlEx Powders. Colorized resin is then added over a Nunn Design Transfer Sheet. Such a fun technique! Endless possibilities!

Handcrafted Pendant Tutorial – Using Crystal Clay, PearlEx Powders and Colorized Resin

PearlEx Powder can also be mixed with Nunn Design Resin and then used as a colorant. The effect almost looks like enamel! In this tutorial Stephanie Gard Buss walks you through her process of colorizing Nunn Design Brass Stampings.

Colorizing Brass Stampings with PearlEx Powders and Nunn Design Resin 

Here is another tutorial showing how to make Nunn Design Bar Earrings using colorized Nunn Design Resin and PearlEx Powders.

Make These Earring Post Bar Earrings with Colorized Resin & Pearl Ex Powder – Tutorial!

These Wire Hoop Earrings are one of the most popular pins on Pinterest. The gradation of PearlEx Powders at the bottom of these Nunn Design Resin filled drops is really fun!

Creating Resin Filled Pendants with Wire Frames 

Technique 4: Crystal Clay, PearlEx Powders and Colorized Resin

The samples created using this technique made the front cover of our 2019 Master Catalogue. Once you learn how, you’ll be thinking…“really?” It is a very simple technique to master! This tutorial is in our “2019 Tutorials to Come” hopper, but here are the basic steps for creating this show-stopper look.

  • Clean bezels with rubbing alcohol
  • Mix Crystal Clay-White
  • Place mixed Crystal Clay in base of the bezel
  • Apply silver PearlEx Powder over clay
  • Let cure (although I didn’t and you can see that some silver rose to the top)
  • Mix Nunn Design 2-Part Resin
  • Colorized mixed resin with Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigments
  • Drizzle mixed resin over the Crystal Clay in bezels
  • Let cure

Technique 5: Crystal Clay, Gilding Flakes and Nunn Design Resin

This technique is very fast and fairly easy, yet provides such a rich look! Putting Nunn Design Resin over the top is optional so I’ve provided a couple of different tutorials to learn from.

How to Use Crystal Clay, Gilding Flakes and Nunn Design Resin

Crystal Clay and Crackled Gilding Flake Rings, Earrings and Pendants

Crystal Clay, Crackled Gilding Flakes and Nunn Design Resin

Make These Earring Post Bar Earrings with Crystal Clay and Gilding Flakes-Tutorial! 

Make These Hammered Bitsy Rings with Crystal Clay and Gilding Flakes-Tutorial! 

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Technique 6: Embedding Seed Beads into Crystal Clay

This technique takes a little practice, I must admit. It takes patience, trial and error to get the feel for this, especially with the seed beads as they are so very tiny! But even the beginner can have great results. Just take your time.

How to Embed Seed Beads into Crystal Clay using ND Bezels

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Technique 7: Collage Sheets with Nunn Design Resin

This is probably one of the older tutorials on our website! Resin became such a popular medium when people were interested in embedding photos and ephemera into their jewelry. It is still popular today and still a much sought after technique that people want to learn. In my opinion, it is one of the more challenging techniques for beginners because for best results, you really need to seal the paper well and let the paper fully dry before pouring on the resin. It takes patience and sometimes people are eager to “just go for it!” With haste comes a lot of challenges with bubbles in the resin. It is well worth your time in becoming educated prior to working on this technique.

Make Your Own Keepsake Pendants-Collage Sheets with Resin

Underwater Mermaid Necklace Tutorial by Stephanie Gard Buss

Technique 8: Glitter Roxs on Crystal Clay with Nunn Design Resin

Like the Gilding Flakes, Glitter Roxs are a super easy medium to work with. Using Crystal Clay in the background provides for a quick and easy backdrop of color for the Glitter Roxs to really “pop.”

Stacking Rings with Crystal Clay, Glitter Roxs and Nunn Design 2-Part Resin

Technique 9: Organics, Crystal Clay and Nunn Design Resin

When working with organics on a colorized resin background, you need to let the resin set before adding the organics into the resin. If you don’t wait, the organics will sink to the bottom of the bezel. With this technique, you can embed the organics into the Crystal Clay and let set for only 90-120 minutes before you pour on a coat of Nunn Design Resin. Handy huh? The beauty is in the speed.

How to Use Crystal Clay, Organics and Nunn Design Resin

Technique 10: Brass Stampings with Crystal Clay and Nunn Design Resin

This is another easy way to add design accents to your jewelry focal. Embedding into Crystal Clay is a quick way to speed up the production time. This is ideal for teaching in a class, especially if you are using Gel du Soleil, a uv resin.

How to Create a Shadow Box Pendant Tutorial + Video

This video uses Brass Stampings with Crystal Clay and Gel du Soleil, a uv resin.

Create Faux Enamel using Crystal Clay and Resin

So that covers all the projects on page 12! I hope you will Click! Learn! Make!

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